Spirit of the Buffalo Hunt-- OKC and Bartlesville

The Spirit of the Buffalo project was a 2004 fundraiser for Oklahoma City. You can find out more about the buffalo HERE. We actually stumbled across our first buffalo while searching for "Boomer, the big red penguin" at OU-Tulsa. So we decided to head off to OKC to see home many we could find in the downtown/Bricktown area. We had heard of buffalo hunting before, but it occurred in Bartlesville, by our fellow penguin hunter, Irene. We are planning to make a trip to Bartlesville soon to see these buffalo and the penguin there.

NOTE: Not all of these buffalo are apart of the 2004 OKC fundraiser. For a list of the fundraiser buffalo, please visit www.spiritofthebuffalo.org

Pictures with names and locations!


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  1. thank you for the locations, i will be there this summer and will look for them while i am there